Test/Analysis Services

Test/Analysis Services

Which analysis services do we offer?

We offer service on extractable-leachable studies, nitrosamine impurity studies, elemental impurity analyses, detecting untarget molecules; with our high technology devices and employees who have expertness, experience, know-how and academic studies.

Residual Solvent Determination Analysis

Assay and Related Substances Determination Analysis by HPLC

Total Organic Carbon Analysis

Determination of Dissolution Rate

Photostability and Stress Test

Spectrum Scan with FTIR Spectrmeter

Thermal Gravimetric Analysis with DSC/DTG

PH Determination

Karl Fischer Water Analysis

Color Determination




Liquid Particle Determination


Optical Rotation Determination with Polarimeter

Dispersion Test

Spraytech Particle Size Distrubition Analysis

Particle Size determination with Microscope

Potentiometrical Analyses

Dry Sieve Analysis

Electrophoresis Analysis

Melting Point Determination


Intensity Analysis with Pykometer

Determination of Particle Amount in Liquid Solution

Absorbance Measurement with UV-Vis Spectroscopy

Transdermal/Franz Diffusion Cell Analysis