In our laboratory which contains high technology devices, our competent staff carries out studies using these specific devices.We mainly perform the following analyses in our laboratory:
  • Extractable & Leachable determination,
  • Determination of nitrosamines in raw materials, excipients and finished products,
  • Elemental impurity analysis,
  • Structure elucidation of unknown impurities,
  • Assay and related substances determination analyzes,
  • Residue Analysis of Pesticide and Its Metabolites,
  • Impurity and metabolite analysis of API,
  • Evaluating structures within biocompatibility studies,
  • Remnant analysis of pesticide and metabolite,
  • Phthalate residue analysis in packaging materials,
  • Volatile solvent determination,
  • Phenol and aldehyde determination in air, soil and water,
  • Analysis of additives or pesticides in food,
  • Besides multiple analyte determination, determination of trace amount in the sample,
  • determination of residue and contamination in water,
  • Automatic optimization of iontransmissions, fragmentor and collision energies for both monocharged molecules and multicharged peptides with MassHunter MS Optimizer software
  • Facilitation of method development with Dynamic MRM,
Scanning with a range of Personal Compound Database and Libraries (PCDL) including pesticides, veterinary drugs, water contaminants, and extractables and leachables. Except these tests, within the equipment capabilities, we also provide services for solutions of different required topics with our competent R&D team.