Privacy and Information Safety Policy

WMINOLAB Innovation Laboratory analysis activities are carried out by competent, educated workers who understand documentation and customer demands, adhering to objectivity and privacy principles.

In this context, World Medicine, being aware of our responsibility to ensure full compliance with the contracts with the relevant parties, understanding of quality and continuous service, started to implement the requirements of ISO 27001 Information Security Management System, the international standard.

The basic goals of World Medicine are as follows:

  • To manage risk analysis processes in the scope of information security,
  • To provide privacy, integrity and accessibility for all information assets,
  • To adhere the law, legal legislation and agreements with third parties, in the scope of information security,
  • To take necessary precautions to provide job sustainability, in case of an interruption, to make it work at the aimed time,
  • To raise awareness for Information Safety with regular education programs to reduce breach of information security and if occurs, to reduce possible damages in a minimum level by interfering in a coordinated way,
  • To make constant improving the Information Security  Management System,
  • Alongside developing the reputation of our institution, we also aim to preserve our reputation and brand value for our workers, customers, suppliers and public.

World Medicine Senior Management undertakes to do what is necessary for the realization, operation, monitoring, review, maintenance and improvement of information security.